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Dr. Robyn MacKillop is a Business Educator, Course Developer and Online Rebel. She loves the accessibility and opportunities an online presence gives to business owners.

Dr. Robyn helps you develop your online persona so you stand out and gain visibility. You have to be online to be in business because that’s the path to more clients and higher paydays. Dr. Robyn will guide you in building your visibility online in a safe way with high returns. She will help you take your pile of content and turn it into a cash producing course. You’ve got a message to share so partner with Dr. Robyn to harness the power of your message and reach more people.

Dr. Robyn has spent the last two decades teaching and building successful online courses and businesses. Dr. Robyn has a Bachelor of Science in Business, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Teaching, and a Ph.D. in Leadership and Online Teaching. 

Dr. Robyn is a speaker and published author. Her books include "So You Want a Job?"; "Is Online Teaching for You?", and "Online Teachers Don’t Know How to Teach Online." Dr. Robyn is working on a new book, "Invisible or Invincible: Getting Out from Behind the Curtain to Make Money, Serve Others and Grow your Business."

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